Nowadays, algae appear to be part of the super Food category. But what is it exactly? What is the exact composition of fresh seaweed? And what are the main nutritional benefits in a reasonable serving of seaweed?

When considering a healthy diet, algae can have a dedicated role. Indeed, algae are rich in minerals because they grow in sea water, are sources of fibres with original structures developed while surviving physical constraints such as the wind and tides and finally are composed of antioxidant molecules to protect themselves from radiation: algae are plants like no other.

To better identify these nutritional benefits, the CEVA explored the composition of fresh seaweed harvested in Brittany, prior to any processing treatment.

The average composition of fresh algae is thus presented for the first time to our knowledge and involves the contents of macronutrients, minerals, trace elements and vitamins whose levels are significant in algae. This new set of data confirms the interesting contribution of algae to our daily needs in terms fibre, iodine, potassium, magnesium and vitamin K1. With a low lipid content and richness in fibres and minerals, these edible seaweeds could become essential for our daily diet in the future.

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