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A commun project

The Sensalg’ platform finds its origin in 2 successive collaborative projects, initiated for the first in 2015. Sensalg’ has grown with the actors over the years, and in particular by the integration, from the start of the consortium, of seaweed farmers, companies, technical centres, representatives of seaweed professionals, etc.

This joint project resulting from the scientific and technical collaboration of the 5 Breton technical centers of ACT food Bretagne has been built and shaped to measure for you! From upstream to downstream, from the idea to the project and from the project to the final product, you will find on this platform all the scientific and regulatory references, technical and scientific articles, news, recipes and practical workshops, products, addresses of restaurants, webinars, videos on edible seaweed!

Interested in developing seaweed products? Looking for recipe inspiration? Which species for which tastes and which recipes? Which species and which volumes in France? Where do I get supplies? Is there an organic label for seaweed? Do you want to highlight your already developed products? Which restaurants eat seaweed? Do you want to train or learn how to cook seaweed? …

So many questions and many more to which the Sensalg’’ platform answers.

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Scientifics papers, online courses, videos, scientific articles, workshops, etc.

Range n°1 expertise on algae

Since 2014, the Sensalg’ programme, labelled by Valorial, characterises and evaluates the capability of algae to undergo transformations in the view of their inclusion in the food sector.

For the food industry

Today, Sensalg’ is keeping the momentum and is now opening up to new partners. Are you a private company in the agro-industrial business? Do you have the feeling that algae can contribute to the development of your activity? Do you wish to connect to development and innovation opportunities? Join our network:

The collaborative project Sensalg’ involves scientific expertise from several technological centres in order to meet the ambitions of a growing number of companies, of all sizes (SME, ETi and large groups) in the agro-food sector.

Area of expertise


  • Formulation and development of food products, PAI, ingredients and active substances;
  • Promotion of food products and co-products;
  • Preparation, transformation, preservation and packaging processes including smoking, dosing, moulding, cooking, mixing, etc.
  • Fractionation, extraction, concentration, filtration, drying, grinding and mixing of powders, characterization of animal and plant-based components;
  • Preservation study;
  • Technology transfer, scale-up, semi-industrial production


  • Quality of aquaculture-based products, sourcing and production of micro-algae and seaweed
  • Edible algae: first and second transformation, preservation, formulation and product development, regulation and standardisation
  • Physico-chemical characterization of algae and their derivatives;
  • Bioactive extracts, Biotechnology, plant chemistry and bio-based products;
  • Environment, coastline and biodiversity.

ID Mer

  • Plant based production
  • New varieties and genetic diversity
  • Molecular labelling, genetic fingerprinting and traceability;
  • Cell biology and in vitro culture;
  • Plant protection, biocontrol, detection and study of pathogens;
  • Plant nutrition and biostimulants;
  • Sensory and nutritional quality, consumer preferences


  • Health & Nutrition, welfare and animal production;
  • Clinical and zootechnical studies for preventive or therapeutic solutions, conventional or alternative;
  • Bio-statistics;
  • Design, development and characterization of composite materials.


  • Nutrition-health, welfare and animal production;
  • Clinical and zootechnical studies of preventive or therapeutic, conventional or alternative solutions;
  • Bio-statistics;
  • Design, development and characterization of composite materials.

Centre culinaire contemporain

  • Analyze user practices and needs;
  • Concept generation, prototyping, kitchen and restaurant testing;
  • Culinary communication around innovation.

ACT food Bretagne

  • Industries Agroalimentaires, produits, ingrédients et procédés ;
  • Qualité des produits et nutrition ;
  • Biotechnologie, actifs et compléments alimentaires ;
  • Mise sur le marché et réseaux de distribution IAA.

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