Wakame has so much to offer

Undaria pinnatifida or wakame is one of the most popular seaweeds in Asia. Knowing your culinary skills is a gateway to better innovation.

Undaria pinnatifida is a Laminariales brown seaweed belonging to the Alariaceae family. Due to its ancestral dietary use in Japan under the name of Wakame, Undaria farming quickly became established in Japan. It is now mainly farmed in China and accounts for 7.4% of the seaweed produced worldwide. It’s a seaweed that is very popular worldwide due to its taste, texture and ease of use.

The seaweed has a greenish-brown, translucent, triangular-shaped frond with a characteristic centre rib that is quite thick.  Blanched or stabilised with salt, the seaweed turns green and provides a typical iodic ‘seaweed’ taste as well as roundness and length in the mouth. Crunchiness can be provided by the central rib while the blades remain tender.

It’s a seaweed that’s very easy to combine both raw in mixed salads and cooked in garnishes and side dishes like a mushroom, onion or leek compote. Blended in vegetable soups, purées or spreads, it acts as a binder and captures water.

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