Dulse in one minute

Sensalg ‘invites you to discover in 1 minute, Palmaria Palmata or dulse, a small red algae which is now very popular with consumers.

Réalisation et montage :
Musique : Le Gang / Source : Licence : Téléchargement (8MB)

Seaweed : everyone wins!

This video is as part of the research project IDEALG :

Agrocampus Ouest

Sensalg' in three minutes

3 minutes flat to present the collaborative innovation project sensalg ‘with Hélène Marfaing, CEVA, during the EstiValorial # 4 organized by Valorial in Rennes on June 7, 2018. Development of PAI for food manufacturers. Characterization and use of Breton algae.

Réalisation : RIVACOM

Seaweed in the kitchen: from starter to dessert

This video is as part of the research project IDEALG:


Agrocampus Ouest

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