Seaweed screened under high pressure

Preservation of five edible seaweeds by high pressure processing.

Sensalg’ resume studies of Ana del Olmo, Antonio Picon, Manuel Nunez, parues dans Algal Research, 49 (2020), 101938.

The article : “Preservation of five edible seaweeds by high pressure processing: effect on microbiota, shelf life, colour, texture and antioxidant capacity”.

They point out solutions for increasing the lifespan of fresh seaweed by applying a high-pressure treatment.

Five types of edible seaweed (Chondrus crispus, Codium fragile, Himanthalia elongate, Ulva lactuca et Undaria pinnatifida) have been treated with HPP (High Pressure Processing) to reduce the bacterial load and increase their shelf life.

High pressure treatments were applied to the seaweed 2 days after harvesting.

Without any treatment, the lifespan of seaweed varies greatly from one species to another. As for the physicochemical properties, they are highly dependent upon the species, the treatment applied and the storage time.

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