Say that again. Anti-inflammatories, you say?

According to recent studies, interactions exist between age-related hearing loss and nutritional factors. A higher consumption of seaweed seems favorable.

Age-related hearing loss is a major and growing problem which causes disability, social isolation and a socio-economic cost. However, recent studies suggest interactions between age-related hearing loss and nutritional factors. The authors dissected a Korean national food survey conducted from 2010 to 2012 including more than 5,000 people aged over 50 years. Positive correlations were identified between a higher dietary intake of seeds and nuts, fruit, seaweed and vitamin A and better hearing. Research suggests that dietary antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds could help reduce age-related hearing loss. This shows that the French National Health and Nutrition Programme (PNNS) recommendations are not only good for your heart, arteries, and waist size but also for your ears!

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