Nutritional data sheets on algae

For over 30 years, the CEVA has collected, evaluated and compiled algae nutritional data from scientific publications or research programs. This database is made available in the form of nutritional data sheets for the algae species consumed in France.

These nutritional data sheets cover the main edible macroalgae species, spirulina, chlorella and two marine plants. They provide the average content for each nutrient as well as the minimum and maximum values observed in the data sources (values expressed on crude dried biomass). In addition the number of data sources used to determine the average is given which gives an indication of representativeness and level of confidence of the average value.

All values are given as per 100 g of edible part of algae/plants.

It is worth to underline that composition of algae and vegetables can vary upon season, localization, cultivation system, sampling and analytical methods.

If you are looking for specific nutritional intakes in a 5 g portion of algae, some contributions are illustrated in the 2 tables below.

List of nutritional data sheets available


 Scientific name
French nameEnglish name
Brown algae
Alaria esculentaAtlantic wakame, wakame irlandaisWinged kelp, Atlantic wakame
 Ascophyllum nodosum Knotted wrack, egg wrack
 Fucus vesiculosus Bladder wrack, rockweed
 Fucus serratus
 Toothed wrack
 Fucus spp.
 Himanthalia elongataSpaghetti de mer, haricot de merThong-weed, sea-thong
 Laminaria digitataKombuFingered tangle, kelp
 Saccharina latissimaKombu royalSugar kelp
 Saccharina (ex Laminaria) japonicaKombuKelp
 Undaria pinnatifidaWakameWakame
Red algae
Palmaria palmataDulseDulse
 Porphyra (and Pyropia) spp.
 Chondrus crispusPioca, lichenCarrageen, Irish moss
 Gracilaria spp.
OgonoriWarty gracilaria
 Phymatolithon (ex Lithothamnion) calcareumMaërlMaerl
Green algae
Ulva spp.Ulve, Laitue de merSea lettuce
 Ulva spp. (ex Enteromorpha spp.)AonoriGut weed
MicroalgaeArthrospira spp.SpirulineSpirulina
 Chlorella spp.ChlorelleChlorella
PlantsSalicornia spp.SalicorneGlasswort
 Crithmum maritimumCriste marineRock samphire, sea fennel

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