Microphyt: the leading micro-algae biorefinery in the world

The company Microphyt announces that it will start this summer the construction of an industrial capacity microalgae biorefinery. A world first of this scale for the production of natural ingredients with high added value, which will be intended for food and well-being. The SME has been awarded the largest European grant by the public-private partnership “Bio-based Industries Joint Undertaking” on the theme of sustainable aquatic productions.

Founded in 2007 in Baillargues, near Montpellier, Microphyt specialises in the production, on an industrial scale and in a sustainable way, of natural high added-value ingredients made from micro-algae and dedicated to the nutrition and well-being sector.

A biorefinery is based on the hydro-biomimetic principle. Already implemented in its industrial demonstrator, this technology enabled Microphyt to produce the largest number of different species in the world on a large scale. The company then extracts the main active ingredients from micro-algae in its production platform via the use of green solvents.

A 15 million euro European subsidy

The SCALE consortium, coordinated by Microphyt, gathers eleven partners across the value chain: suppliers of technology and energy solutions (Evolys, SUNTI), end users on the nutrition and cosmetics markets (Institut Lyfe, Plameca, Lallement, Chanel), a regulatory consultancy (Nutrasteward), sustainable development consultancy (TECHNALIA), consultancy (PNO) and bioeconomics centre (IAR).

The project, lasting four years, has a 15 million euro subsidy, with a total investment of 24 million euros.

The construction of the biorefinery will take place in three phases extending over three years, gradually increasing the production capacities. In the end, the capacity of the Microphyt platform will be multiplied by five, an annual capacity of over 100 tonnes of high added-value ingredients. It will enable the development and production of over fifteen new ingredients from micro-algae.

To provide natural ingredients in a booming market and reduce the European Union’s dependency

Microphyt recalls that “the natural ingredients field is growing fast by around 8 to 10% a year and represents a 4 to 5 billion dollar market globally.”. Thanks to its industrial production capacities, SCALE will supply the nutrition and well-being industries with ingredients. This means, according to Microphyt, income generated by food or well-being finished products incorporating these new ingredients will have a value of 1 billion euros for these industries.


Microphyt construit une bioraffinerie industrielle de microalgues (latribune.fr)


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