Micro-algae in the European Atlantic zone

Why is the microalgae market developing slowly in the Atlantic zone? A publication analyzes the main obstacles.

Micro-algae and cyanobacteria are a diversified sustainable resource with a high potential for the industrial production of high added-value goods and services. However, scientific, technical/technological, legislative and market gaps and obstacles are still limiting the growth of these markets in Europe and the number of species exploited. An in-depth survey with European researchers, experts and stakeholders into micro-algae has been carried out to identify these limits and put forward strategies and recommendations to overcome these obstacles. The results of this study detail the main promising markets for micro-algae and cyanobacteria in the coming decades and a SWOT analysis shows the current opportunities, limitations, risks and threats for research and the micro-algae market in Europe. This article provides an assessment of the market opportunities for each micro-algae application sector and detailed recommendations to fill scientific, technical/technological, legislative and commercial gaps.

The main barrier is the high cost of micro-algae production. Next come the technological and legislative obstacles that can limit markets and innovations. Many activity sectors are still in their fledgling phase and an adaptation of the legislative rules could however unleash the research potential in the European Atlantic space, opening the door to new applications and markets.

To find out more, read the article.

Improving Microalgae Research and Marketing in the European Atlantic Area: Analysis of Major Gaps and Barriers Limiting Sector Development

Rumin Judith*, Gonçalves De Oliveira Junior Raimundo Gonçalves De Oliveira*, Bérard Jean-Baptiste**, Picot Laurent*
* : La Rochelle Université, UMRi CNRS 7266 LIENSs, Avenue Crépeau, 17042 La Rochelle, France
** : Laboratoire BRM/PBA, IFREMER, Rue de l’Ile d’Yeu, 44311 Nantes,

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