Measuring the freshness and life cycle of sea lettuce

A Spanish team studied the shelf life of Ulva rigida stored at 4 and 16°C for 12 days.

A Spanish team studied the life cycle of Ulva rigida stored at 4 and 16°C for 12 days. Several methods were used to assess the freshness of the seaweed: physical (aw, pH, colour and texture), chemical (total nitrogen volatile compounds, trimethylamine), microbiological and sensory methods. Based on the physicochemical and microbiological parameters, seaweed can be stored for 6 days at 16°C and over 10 days at 4°C. Although the microbiological parameters and the total nitrogen volatile compounds and trimethylamine are among the most useful measurements to ascertain the freshness, the changes measured are more pronounced from a sensory perspective.

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