Innovating with Atlantic wakame

Alaria esculenta or atlantic wakame is a brown seaweed, not very widespread on the coasts of Brittany and quite recent on the French market.

Alaria esculenta also known as Atlantic wakame is a brown seaweed, whose frond is in the shape of a strip with a median rib along its length. The natural beds in Brittany are along the northern coasts (along the Channel) and are quite small. The seaweed is farmed in the sea in Brittany by 3 seaweed farmers and its production currently reaches around 50 tonnes/year.

It is quite recent on the French market and must be prepared to be enjoyed better. Its texture is quite firm, or even rubbery. Blanching it, cooking it, or adding acidity help tenderise its texture. Alaria has quite a light flavour and adds roundness to the dishes it is put in.

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