Impact of preservation processes on Kombu seaweed

High pressure treatment, salting, freezing… What are the ideal preservation processes for seaweed? A recent study answers this question for Kombu seaweed.

What are the best ways to preserve the pleasant smell of Kombu (Laminaria ochroleuca) for 180 days? A 2019 study aimed at addressing this issue. « Volatile compounds and odour characteristics during long-term storage of kombu seaweed (Laminaria ochroleuca) preserved by high pressure processing, freezing, and salting (Olga Lopez-Pérez, Ana del Olmo, Antonia Picon, Manuel Nunez) ».

This study compared the effects of different preservation methods on the volatile compounds and smells of kombu seaweed over a storage period of 180 days. Tested methods include high pressure processing (HPP) at 400 or 600 MPa for 5 min followed by refrigeration at 5 ° C, freezing (at -24 ° C) and salting, and finally refrigeration at 5 ° C alone. 105 volatile compounds, across 16 chemical groups, were identified. All the processes affected these volatile compounds, either increasing or decreasing the levels of certain groups. They also affected the smell.

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