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I wish to include more than one employee from my company in the Sensalg ’programme. Should I pay for multiple subscriptions?

No, each membership stands for one company. If you wish that your whole staff access to the contents of Sensalg’ (online courses, videos, scientific articles, workshops, etc.), all you have to do is notify us and we will create their individual accounts.

Can I use my French Personal Training Account to access Sensalg’ membership?

No, the CPF cannot be used to pay for Sensalg ’membership nor to benefit from the services of our experts.

I am a Sensalg ’member and would like to present one of my company’s projects to one of your experts. What type of confidentiality guarantee do you offer?

Our experts are familiar with the agribusiness environment and professionals. A confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement can, if necessary, be signed before any telephone or physical meeting.

My company is located in Hauts-de-France. Can I still become a Sensalg ’member?

Of course! While Sensalg ’experts are located in Brittany technical centres, their customers can be found throughout France and Europe.

Can your Sensalg ’experts work within our company?

Presenting the innovation potential of algae in the agribusiness may be of interest to some companies. Sensalg ’experts are used to this kind of exercise. If you are interested, please contact us directly at

Do you have additional questions which are not among those we have selected in this FAQ? Feel free to contact us directly and we will get back to you as soon as possible:

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