Drying seaweed: impact on quality

At IDMer a new dryer is tested on algae: efficiency and impact on quality

A new continuous dryer (Flashdryer) commissioned by IDMer in 2019 has proved its effectiveness on fish and other sea co-products. But what about seaweed?

A drying test on brown seaweed using this new equipment confirmed its feasibility and effectiveness. When flash dried at 150°C, seaweed has a higher polyphenol content than seaweed dried in an oven at 40°C. Furthermore, the physico-chemical properties such as the swelling capacities and water and oil retention are also improved. In this way, without reaching the preservation capacities of a lyophiliser, this dryer optimally keeps antioxidant molecules intact and preserves the functional capacities of the alginates present.

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Photo credit : l’œil de Paco – CEVA

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