Won’t you have a little more umami flavour?

Western consumers’ demand for healthy and tasty food via sustainable food production systems, which is especially growing for plant products, offers great potential for seaweed in the future. However, to convert the large number of consumers, the nutritional appearance is not enough and the culinar… This page is reserved for Sensalg’ subscribers and requires a […] […]

Towards a harmonised European list of edible seaweed?

The JRC (or Joint Research Centre), a scientific department within the European Commission published a report this month that lists all the seaweed that can be used as ingredients or food supplements within the European Union (JRC Publications Repository – Algae as food and food supplements in Europe (europa.eu)). One of the key points for […] […]

Undaria pinnatifida or wakame: finding out is culinary qualities to innovate better

Undaria pinnatifida is a Laminariales brown seaweed belonging to the Alariaceae family. Due to is ancestral dietary use in Japan under the name of Wakamé, Undaria farming quickly became established in Japan. Endemic in Japan, it was unintentionally introduced in China, then the Mediterranean in Tha… This page is reserved for Sensalg’ subscribers and requires […] […]

Say that again. Anti-inflammatories, you say?

Age-related hearing loss is a major and growing problem which causes disability, social isolation and a socio-economic cost. However, recent studies suggest interactions between age-related hearing loss and nutritional factors. The authors dissected a Korean national food survey conducted from 2010 to 2012 including more than 5,000 people aged over 50 years. Positive correlations were […] […]

Who are the seaweed producers?

For those looking for a seaweed supply, it is sometimes quite difficult to find their way around. Addresses are passed on by those in the know and it is difficult to build a network when you work in a completely different field.However, to support the development of the seaweed industry, maps of sta… This page […] […]

Which seaweed has the most intense Umami flavour?

This study presents the umami flavour compound contents of 12 varieties of seaweed harvested on the Portuguese coasts, as well as the impact of two stabilisation processes. In the context of the search for sustainable food, seaweed is studied as an alternative to animal products, including here … This page is reserved for Sensalg’ subscribers […] […]

Quality of boiled, frozen and fermented royal kombu

The effects of processes to preserve Saccharina latissima on the physico-chemical, microbiological and sensory quality have been assessed by a North American research team. It compared the quality of a seaweed salad made from fresh or blanched seaweed and a cabbage sauerkraut mixed with fresh, fresh and frozen, blanched or blanched and frozen seaweed. The […] […]

Overweight men should eat seaweed!

To assess the effect of a supplementation of brown seaweed, a double-blind randomised clinical study against a placebo was conducted with around fifty overweight Japanese people for 8 weeks. The brown seaweed used was Laminaria japonica which had a reduced iodine content from cooking for 60 minutes. Via this algal supplementation, the subjects in the […] […]

One Ocean Summit: the blues of the big blue sea

Around twenty heads of state are coming to Brest today for two days for the One Ocean Summit. The idea behind this event, within the framework of France’s presidency of the European Union, is to provide a meeting point for science, culture, education, protected marine areas as well as the ‘blue economy’, a term whose […] […]